Building the next generation of privacy infrastructure

Existing internet protocols leak sensitive data that can be used without users knowledge — Nym is developing the infrastructure to prevent this data leakage by protecting every packet’s metadata at the network and application layers.

Nym Mixnet

The Nym mixnet is a multi purpose mixnet that prevents traffic analysis by an adversary capable of watching the entire network, including the NSA.

Nym Token (NYM)

The Nym TOKEN (NYM) incentivizes privacy and is used to make mixnet decentralized, sustainable and resilient.

Nym Credentials

Allow 3rd party apps to anonymize any arbitrary ‘key : value’ pairs, so users can privately reveal part or all of their data at their discretion for any necessary compliance and authentication.

Mixnet Stats

The Nym mixnet is up and running, protecting user data.

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  • Mix nodes and validators on boarded after 2019 launch at Chaos Computer Congress
  • Closed pre-seed funding round led by Binance Labs - 2.5M CHF
  • Launched Litepaper
  • Mixnet built in Rust for better performance
  • Tokenized “Nymph” testnet open to public
  • Launched Nym wallet and explorers


Mainnet Launch
  • Completed Finney and Milhon testnets
  • Nym whitepaper launched
  • Nym Mainnet chain/tokens generated Q4 2021
  • Closed Polychain led seed round funding - 6M CHF
  • Closed a16z led funding round - 13M CHF


Token Launch
  • NYM token launch on CoinList - Done
  • Launch of Nym Connect + Nym clients for app integrations - Done
  • Nym ecosystem created including mix nodes, staking activity, token liquidity, custody - Done
  • Launch NYX for governance and validators
  • Launch zero-knowledge Nym credentials for private access to apps
  • 3rd party wallet integrations and privacy partnerships


End-User Adoption
  • Parameterized secure mixnet, with application and user-driven customization of mixing time for handling everyday private internet usage
  • Launch decentralized Nym VPN service with partners
  • Censorship-resistant gateways
  • Partnerships with multiple major blockchains driving usage
  • Paid mixnet via anonymous bandwidth credentials


Institutional Adoption
  • Support enterprise use-cases and institutional adoption - partnering with popular apps like Signal, Google and Brave
  • Key partner integration with fintech, medical and personal data sectors
  • Push for integration into browsers and operating systems - Standardize at IETF
  • Secure hardware optimization and network stack integration
  • Scale to millions of users!


An open and free internet requires privacy as a native property. Nym, created by an all-star team of privacy researchers, is the best way to achieve that. We are proud supporters of what they are doing.

Teck Chia

Partner at Binance Labs

Despite progress in zero-knowledge proof techniques for transaction-graph privacy, network-level privacy remains an open problem. Mixnets are a promising approach for this, and so the work Nym is doing on making mixnets practical for blockchain applications is really important.

Andrew Miller

Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Identity is one of the key roadblocks for blockchains to achieve large-scale adoption, but it’s also a potential privacy nightmare. Nym is the project that can offer an identity solution that truly respects our rights to privacy.

Lasse Clausen

General Partner at 1kx

People were killed, tortured or imprisoned during the 2011 Tunisian Revolution because they relied on insecure tools to communicate and organize. Everyone, but most importantly activists, have an urgent need for a revolutionary project like Nym to be able to communicate without fear. To build a democracy we must first fight surveillance and there is one way to do it: anonymously.

Iness Ben Guirat

Tunisian activist

We are finding ourselves being ushered into a 1984 hive-mind world where our dreams, loves and weaknesses are nothing more than dossiers up for trade by corporate and government interests. It’s time we started to lay the road to alternative futures; incentivized, decentralized mixnets are a critical piece of the puzzle.

Gavin Wood

Web 3 Foundation

Decentralized identity is one of the greatest challenges facing the ‘web of transactions’ – without it, there will be continually increasing rates of fraud and cyber attack. Nym provides what is perhaps the first really secure authentication system for identity.

Prof. Alex Pentland